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Rhythm Revival

I’m not sure when it all began, this overwhelming feeling of being musically nipped, but its beginning to get on my nerves. I’m tired of looking to oldies for that potent satisfaction of a really good song. You know the type, its words act like a compass leading you to the core of your emotions, its melody sweeps you up into an atmosphere of mental pleasures. Its Ella Fitzgerald’s voice reverberating through your bones. It’s simply magic and I haven’t experienced it in music for a long time.

To me it feels like at least 75% of whats out there now’a days is way too formulated. Though they may start out innocent and liberated, today’s songs end up dry and consumed by an obvious need to be accepted. They sound desperate. M.I.A (in my humble opinion) has set herself apart from the rest in a way that I find very refreshing. She may take some getting use to for some but with open ears and mind I believe most would agree with me. I can only hope for more exhibitions of musical nonconformity.

My taste in music is very versatile. Even though M.I.A seems like an exception, there still aren’t enough artists to start up what Id like to call a Rhythm Revival. I write lyrics occasionally. I suppose I can help contribute to this self-proclaimed movement. Maybe thats what Ive been waiting for all this time, me. Only one way to know for sure, yup I’m gonna give it a try.


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The Zit

So, I’ll be honest, I had plans today to go visit a friend and I was excited until I looked in the mirror this morning and came to the realization that the zit on my left cheek was in fact getting uglier. It was red, sore (I’ll spare you the rest of the icky details) and shouting from my skin “Coverrrr meeee” but no foundation was thick enough to camouflage it. So instead of being mature about it and going about my business I cancelled my plans 😦

How extremely and utterly vain, selfish, and silly of me right! I know. I felt terrible, really. Ive been home since the end of my finals, I was recuperating from a chemical peel and my skin  was looking better till this zit appeared. I need to stop letting minor things like this get in the way of life. Ive missed out on a lot of good times on the account of my self consciousness (skin)…and I have no one to blame but myself. If its not a zit its lack of a good outfit or lack of something else that simply doesn’t matter, the world does not revolve around you Kaleena! Quit staring at the mirror, that’s only one aspect of you, one view of you, one perception of who you are.

I love myself and I want to represent myself beautifully in every way possible but my issues make it hard. Its just a zit but my whole day revolves around it now because I chose to give it that power. *sigh* I guess the zit is like every other excuse Ive ever had…every opportunity I let pass, every challenge I greeted white flag in hand. I didn’t make any resolutions for 2009 but I think I’ll make one now, No More Zit excuses! No more excuses at all, I need to stop being so stagnant, need to stop throwing away perfectly good opportunities to live life…beautifully, even with a big red oozing zit on my face! My motto for 2009, live life beautifully. I think I’ll go take a walk now, Paz.

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