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Time hands you to me

and pulls you away…


What more can I do

but reach.


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Poor But Priceless


It sucks, having worked for so many years and having to inhabit the same crappy place as drug dealers, drug abusers, prostitutes, people who came to this country last week and who have no interest in learning English, rude/loud people, and people who haven’t worked one day in their life (nor do they have plans of working in future).

Sure that may sound insensitive but its true. We contribute to other peoples dreams and visions while dismissing our own. Eventually We make Them money and end up losing because we didn’t get the opportunity to achieve our goals, or should I say we didn’t TAKE the opportunity to achieve our goals. Ive been living in underprivileged areas long enough, I’m sick of it and I KNOW fast money isn’t the ONLY answer to my ills.

How can I maintain dignity in myself and my community when most of what surrounds me is demeaning, damning, and detrimental?


I see young folks oozing with promise, promise that (often) dissipates as their underprivileged environment slowly sucks hope out. So many times Ive step foot out of my house beaming with ambition and hope, by the time I get to the train station Ive seen how addiction tears parents from their children, how prostitution infects, how drug dealers are the cancer of society. I often question how/why I am a part of this community filled with self inflicted injustices.

Tell me how would you feel in this same situation?

I suppose its all about interpretation. We can interpret the hood as our punishment for being born into a low social class, or we can interpret the hood as the epidemy of how distorted the priorities of today’s society are (and have been for way too long).

 Whats my point? The poor needs to take care of the poor because noone else considers us a priority and why should they if we don’t even consider one another (like, at all)…this is an educated country but we lack common sense. Each and every one of us is a diamond in the rough, Tiffany solitaires being kept in broken down dirty boxes.

In other (and better) words WHERE we are is of poor quality but WE ourselves are priceless, the sooner we see and accept that the sooner change will come.

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Love, they say, makes some people blind to things that normally would be seen coming a mile a way…things like emotional/physical abuse. Faith, in my opinion, is a “self-inflicted” form of blindness in the sense that we can’t see what we worship, not physically anyway. I believe that love and faith are practically the same. Both have their ups and downs, both play a major role in how we lead our lives, and both need some “blindness” in order to exist.


Another example of  loves “blindness”: You’re not with your significant other every second of the day, same as they are not with you (physically anyway). You have to have some faith that they are keeping you and your well being in mind, that they will not disrespect you behind your back. You need faith to maintain love and you need love to maintain faith. We are humans, our emotions and thoughts change all the time but I do not believe that should ruin ones faith/love in the long run.

*True Love forms the type of union that cannot be destroyed from external factors, that type of damage comes only from within. Faith carries that same truth.*


I suppose my point is that when two people truly love each other they understand that their union is not based solely on fairy-tales. Marriage is a union that will consist of challenges, the result of those challenges shouldn’t be failure but lessons learned and cherished. I’m learning a  lot about marriage these days, I am not quite sure why but I invite the knowledge 🙂

I have faith in the love I have for myself,  I have faith that I am loved, and I have faith that there is a lot more love to come iA (insha’Allah=God willing).

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