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So as many of you may have noticed I havent been in a creative mood lately. Ive been a little down because of college work and so on. The semester is slipping away and its all been a blur so far. Anyway, its hard to make the most of something when it seems to consistently disappoint BUT for some odd reason I keep faith. It’s a good thing I guess 🙂


Today my Psychology class went on a trip to the court and we sat in for 2 court cases that had to do with Mental Patients and so on. Of course I wont go into further detail because of confidentiality but it was sad and scary to sit there and witness someones freedom being snatched away from them. 

It makes me really appreciate my mental health (as questionable as it can be sometimes) I am a pretty stable person. I admit I can be quite extreme and impulsive but I always manage to see the bigger picture (eventually).

 I dont have anything philosophical to say today but since Ive been ruminating on poetry for a day or two I’ll share a quick one…


The hours tip toe pass

as sanity laughs wearing a Schizo mask

Dribbling lithium, drowning in hurt

Dreams in a straight jacket, bound to the earth

We forgot freedoms face

Taught to regurgitate hate at the slightest bad taste

how can I not question your methods

preteens walking with blood tainted weapons

Subways flooded with false advertisements

Captive audience soaked with the scent of deprivment

I walk pass your skyscrapers and suits

come back to bricks and hole ridden boots

question the depth of your mind-state

skip through loves labyrinth and find fate

Make no mistake we all get crazy

Pain rains down but I dont let it phase me

Step by step I’ll get to my goal

Your restrictions have no affect on my soul

So I aint popping pills, no way

When problems come about, I go pray

Got my own prognosis and antidote

No need to taper off a massive dose

Im flying over that cuckoos nest

You can lie there helpless along with the rest.
































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