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Free Write 2

All I have in this world is my word and my balls

but Im’a chick so I guess that last part is false

either way I stick to my syllables

poetically crowned in a glass palace filled with pitifuls

Paper be my right wing, the pen is my left

Fly in a sky engulfed by Gods breath

Every bar’s a revelation

Gabrielle spit’n sonnets to me in the subway station

Most prophets came from the gutter

tongue fluttering with words of butter

we are mortal but our words wont whither

deeper than a victims cry to a deaf killer

we ‘re born yelling, why live just to whisper

my tongue summons all and uplifts like a twister

these messages beckon, I just receive

the words need ME don’t you dare be deceived


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Free Write 1

Surrounded by complacency, testing my patience
No longer blessed by what I hear on radio stations
Your Foxy Browns are old furs
Seems like the hot rappers are all sirs
Let me stir your senses
break down cognitive fences
Just lend me your ear n I’ll clear da pretenses
We got much to share other than looks
Dont be fooled by the snookies, dignity crooks
I cook a killer verbal feist
Inspire illiterates to write an epic piece
No need to sex it up, theres nothing to sell
Pearls maintain their poise under the shell
Long story summarized Im here to remain
A non-extinguishable type of flame
till we meet again I say adieu
Be alert cuz my next rhyme might be about you.

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YouTube Lesson

There are few websites that I frequent for different reasons. Of course as so many other people out there YouTube is one the sites I visit almost daily. Today I felt as if I should share the content of the video I first viewed today.

The video was suggested from YouTube’s first page. An enthusiastic young woman felt it necessary to speak about how White people will be a minority in America soon according to statistics. She also went on to say that White people need to have more sex to prevent this from happening. Now I didn’t really find this video offensive or anything and the young woman stated that she had no intentions of being racial but I did wish that her video could be more educational rather than “entertaining” and that it could expand on a related issue.

What I’m talking about is this…more and more it seems as though the educated (college grads and such) regardless of ethnicity delay bearing children Now to be able to provide for those children to the best of their ability in the Future (go to college, get into career field…).

Now this makes a lot of sense BUT as a result a lot of these people end up missing out on their true love because this dream/goal becomes top priority. One may have intentions of achieving these goals to be a better provider in the long run they actually end up being….well…selfish and self-centered. Example……

No, I can’t go with you to dinner tonight prince charming because I have an exam NEXT Friday and I just cannot make time for you tonight, oh and don’t bother calling me during the winter break because Id be wayyy to tired and in need of ME time then sooooo your best bet is to wait until after I graduate.

I am “guilty” of this as well. I’m in my mid 20’s, now I have in no way been ready to bring a life into this world when considering financial issues and such, BUT a lot of females that I grew up with (who were worse off than I in many many ways) are working on kid number 3 at this point. They had no regard for whether or not they could provide for a family.

Anyway my point is…when do we realize that we wont live forever, that knowledge does not have to be compromised when making a family, rather knowledge can be deeply rooted and incorporated into a family. Smart people need to procreate!

Knowledge can be addicting. One may isolate themself from all others to gain more and more knowledge yet essentially we will never know everything there is to know in life.

When do we delay the diploma and dive for the diapers?  

Everyone has their own signs to follow so I can’t say when we all should put the textbooks down and “get it on” (the halal way…married and such of course). I just think that as we invest for the future we need to also realize the value of the here and now.

Dont do a disservice to yourself by devoting everything to a tomorrow that in all actuality may or may not materialize.

I don’t mean to inspire people who would suck at parenthood to have children. I just want us all to remember what really & truly matters in life. I do not think its healthy to chase or contribute to anyone elses dream if its going to compromise your sanity/happiness/health.

Invest in tomorrow but please don’t forget the value of today!

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