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Embrace Life


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Never Enough

Your approval use to be my goal

had me dancing on a floor covered in coal

cuffed the hands of time to get a minute

spend it with you in mind, there really was no limit

To what Id say or do, but now the tides have changed

Cuz you’re the person cursed and looking certainly deranged

lifes melody has beckoned me, there’s so much to expect of me

no longer am I blinded by your lies and disrespect for me

it wasnt enough but now you’ll find I was your all

Dream lover interrupted it was such a wake up call

So when you see me out don’t bother saying Hi

Cuz our goodbye was infinite no need in asking why






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Mr. Doorman you open doors

for all but yourself

Standing on a rose colored mat as your dreams sing the blues


“Have a good day, have a good evening” you cry 

 as they prance by

wiping the residue off their productive day

on your very foundation


You open doors for all but your own

As the sun bows its head

you lie yours in the ghetto

Come home to streets littered with healthy rats, plump roaches, and hungry jobens (youngings)

Come home to cracked sidewalks kissed by the blood

of lost generations


Sidewalks made from the same concrete that coats Park Avenue

but your sidewalks carry the stench of lost hope and desperation

streets cluttered with stray cats, dogs, and adolescents

 cluttered with newspapers that seldom if ever report

the murders you hear from your bed every night

I guess those lives aren’t news worthy

I guess their deaths just don’t matter


Here the doors are equip with 3 locks or more

some doors are indented, bruised, battered

evidence of rage, drug raids, and eviction

Stickers on these doors speak of salvation

advertising the after life as if it were some resort area

for the poor


Doorman you open doors for all but yourself

You argue that you’re making money, working

but towards what?

Open yourself to the promise of your potential

greet your dreams with enthusiasm and action

Sweep doubt off

stand on a carpeted pedestal

Pull the doors of  your true self wide open 

and look for











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