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Nothing Makes Sense…anymore

I don’t think I like this whole….growing up thing. Nothing seems to make sense, I’ve grown more and more intolerant of people, injustices seem like the norm, moral courage is like nonexistant….complacensy is ruling.

This disenchantment with life has been progressing at an alarming rate, its semi-saddening.  I’m trying to build a career simply so I can move away from all the conflicts like poverty and the crap that follows….but what is me moving away really accomplishing? Disappointments and injustice goes where ever man does, so there is no true escape…other than death I suppose and who knows what happens after that.

So many kingdoms have crumbled, so many blogs on the web, so many hearts gone silent….when did this all ever even make sense in the first place? Not sure….but Im tired of thinking so damn much



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Feels Like Spring

Bronx BG

Finally the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the leaves are growing, and I’m smiling!

So I’m still in Nursing school. The past 2 years have been veryyy challenging, a lot of ups and downs. The program I am in has been on my S-list practically every semester for one reason or another. Long story short I’m really praying this semester is my last, if it is I’m gonna be jumping for joy…but if it isn’t I’m gonna still be thankful because just getting to 4th semester is an accomplishment 🙂

Besides that I’m trying to branch out…invest in other areas of my life. Alhamdulillah (Thank God) I’ve been blessed with the company of a very good friend for over a year now. This person really allowed me to see how complacent I had become in life.

Im hoping that by the end of this year I can finally be at a place in my life where I can exhale and say “yes, I’ve succeeded, with help of course….and now its time to invest in other lives”.

By that I mean work (nursing) and Insha’Allah (God willing) getting married and having kids!

Anyway this post is like a mental form of spring cleaning, just wanted to let go of some stuff.

This spring I suggest that everyone goes to visit the Brooklyn botanical garden, it’s quite awesome….enjoy natures beauty!!!!

At the top is a picture I took from the botanical garden in the Bronx some time ago 🙂

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Very short, 4 lines but they say enough.

They say I’m a rebel

can’t understand my cause cuz its on a higher level

potential climbs, I defy all tyranny

snatch’n crowns, capture crowds, only God puts fear in me






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