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Moving On

I wanna move forward build a place to lie

But u keeping me back, pulling me from the sky

Theres only one thing that love always defies

Ure Lacking loyalty now its time to testify

I stood true to expectations faced today

Forgave the moments u willingly went astray

But mercy aint a habit baby boy, it’s a virtue

tables have turned guess its time I desert You

Im taking back promises, erasing memories

wont embellish the begs that follow after bended knees

U made your choice, abandoned what we had

at the end of the day,  I’m not even mad

Better to not have a man than be with a boy

who considers love to be nothing more than a toy

Exploited-Ur loves faker than a blasphemous nun

Took time but now I see I come second to none


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Day With Mom

I hung out with my mom today around Wall St. it was so nice to spend time together outside of the house. Alhamdulillah (thank God). In the morning before we left I watched yesterdays episode of The View. Whoopi Goldberg actually spoke about losing her mother recently and she said something that was so touching I actually teared up. Whoopi said “I think I’m just sad sometimes…I think who will love me the way she did, but I realize that my brother and I have each other, and so we’re ok, but she was good”. We really should appreciate and be grateful towards our mothers, they sacrifice so much for us, treat your mother with respect!

We randomly visited the St Paul church too. We saw the host from Americas Most Wanted filming there  and we checked out the super old cemetery. One tomb stone was especially creepy, it read:

Behold and see as you pass by
As you are Now so once was I
As I am now you soon will Be
Prepare for death and follow me.

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Religious Tolerance

It’s sad to see people become so easily conditioned by the media. I personally did not grow up practicing any particular religion. However, I am a Muslim now but from a humanistic point of view I think everyone deserves respect as long as they give it.

Some (not all) have been conditioned by 9/11 to UNJUSTLY create an enemy, that being being Islam and its believers. This isn’t fair and its not right!

There has been a masjid (a place where Muslims go to pray) near ground zero for some time now, but recently there has been talk of creating a community center there as well for Muslims almost like a YMCA. The proximity of this project to ground zero has raised much controversy and I think needlessly so. Muslims have been congregating at this location for some time now and there has been no history of negativity associated with it.

A Jewish friend of mine posted a comment on FB about this situation. Her thoughts were basically that the center should be relocated out of respect, here was my reply:

“As Americans we all should respect each other, on that same note I am a Muslim American and I have seen the major difference in how most Muslims have been treated since 9/11. Many times it has NOT been with respect, why?

Because bad people did something and used a religion as their excuse to commit Islamic-ally INEXCUSABLE deeds? What fault do I or my religion have when we’re NOT in agreement with those deeds?

Muslims who worked in the towers also died that day, and many others had to deal with being treated as unwanted aliens in the very country they were BORN in…

Park51 is supposed to be like a Muslim YMCA (from what I know), its supposed to create community and give Muslims who contribute to this society a place to exercise. As Americans we should be able to accept that as something positive.

I feel it’s a step forward and I feel there is no lack in respect by building it in Manhattan 2 blocks away in an old Burlington Coat factory.”

Ultimately my friend and I can agree to disagree but to just be able to talk about this without getting overly sensitive is great!

My basic point is that its time to move forward. If people (regardless of their faith) are tying to do something positive why manipulate the public into thinking otherwise, why instigate and create problems where none exist?

This is America, we need to be able to COEXIST. I respect you, and in return I deserve respect. I hope this simple concept can help us all to proceed forward in life.

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So today I came across a pretty amazing story about how a mothers love can truly save lives. Check it out!!!

#A Mothers Love#

This story also taught me about something called the Kangaroo Care Technique which (according to Wiki) “is a technique practiced on newborn, usually preterm, infants wherein the infant is held, skin-to-skin, with an adult….Kangaroo care, named for the similarity to how certain marsupials carry their young, was initially developed to care for preterm infants in areas where incubators are either unavailable or unreliable.

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