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To doubt everything, or, to believe everything, are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection. -Henri Poincare

Should Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics etc. be judged by the most nutty/blasphemous people in their faith? Ignoring all the good, all the positive contributions that their faith has shared with society?


I do not agree with or condone any extreme/radical actions made in the name of the religion I follow, Islam. We must remember, when one person commits an act many people are affected as a result, whether we like it or not we represent groups (ethnicity, faith etc.)

It saddens me when I hear about things that cause my religion to look violent or barbaric because I know it’s not. It breaks my heart that innocent people will, as a result of someone else’s unintelligent actions, be unfairly judged.

I chose to convert to Islam because it taught me about self-discipline, about the benefits of modesty, and many other things that helped me to become a better individual. I have stability & structure in my life provided by the teachings of Islam.

I am open-minded too, I enjoy learning about different faiths and philosophy. For people who are not familiar with Islam I suggest you learn about it, read the Quran, visit a mosque, watch Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (provided below).

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle

Just because you learn about Islam does not mean you will convert, you are simply educating yourself. I think fellow Muslims should do this as well if they haven’t already. Many people follow a faith just because they were born into it without questioning. Islam welcomes deep thinkers.


My point is that we’re humans, we tend to fall into tribal ways of thinking (us vs. them), there will be times however when us is also them. When we represent something  unfamiliar to others. Educate before convincing yourself of something that involves so many lives including your own. Keep in mind the power your actions have. I am a Muslim American and I wish for peace, its a collective effort, I will do my part I pray that everyone whether Muslim or not does the same!!!




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Where The Stories Go

The above song (Enya- Pilgrim) is like an adult lullaby, it’s truly beautiful! “Where The Stories Go” sings Enya, when I hear this it causes me to realize that stories are meant to be heard, we have the duty of telling ours…its our gift to the world, our fingerprint of experiences and lessons learned.

It’s easy to become discouraged, I’ve been feeling slighty so. Firstly, It’s difficult finding a calling, to not be given ample opportunity when you’ve finally found it is stressful and frustrating…but ultimately we must take control of  the situation internally (calm yourself and breathe). Opportunities come in many different forms (not always in the way we wish). I have to remind myself that these challenges add spice to my story and it can only end happily if I lead it there.

As a “pilgrim” of life its impossible to pick and choose what happens during this journey, but I do have the responsibility of moving forward through it all. Peace outside of myself cannot be guaranteed but I can definitely concentrate on my own peace of mind, that’s more attainable (it can also rub off on others contributing to peace, even if juts for a short while) ❤

Some stories are not as popular as others, some are only meant for loved ones ears but we live through our stories and they live through us, to keep your story hidden from the world will only silence your unique qualities…remember stories are meant to be told! So whats yours?

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I saw a monarch

Butterfly with

love letters for wings

I read them aloud

the day you and I met

these moments of tenderness

carry the echo, listen close.

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Note To Teenager

Just because you’re growing hair

In places that were bare

Doesn’t mean your heart is ready

For the world out there!

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I recently read an interview of Robert Frost by Janet Mabie published on Dec. 24th, 1925 titled Education By Presence. It was funny and it made some pretty good points. Here is my interpretation of what Education By Presence means.

When you have something you believe in (person, religion, etc) what may be most important are not the small details but the overall presence of that belief being something bigger than who you presently are or what you’re involved with. It’s what this belief or source of inspiration represents that most captivates and moves you.

For Example: some people may not know too much about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but they see posters of him and other influential people and it brings a sense of motivation into their hearts because these people represent bravery and progress.

Frost states in the interview “My greatest inspiration, when I was a student, was a man whose class I never attended. The book that influenced me most was Piers the Plowman, yet I never read it.

Frost admitted that as a Professor in the University of Michigan he taught by his presence, he wasn’t concerned with quizzes and such. A lot of the classes that have changed me (for what I feel is) the better were classes that had to do with abstract matters. The classes that were all facts and figures were kinda, well, forgotten about with lack of practice. However, I recall how my Professors were, their presence that is, regardless of what they taught.

What we stand for, what we represent, the story our presence tells to people makes a difference. You may not have done anything you consider to be particularly important but maybe the way you carry yourself will teach someone something about themselves. Consider this, lets not deny that we are all influential beings.

How do you educate others? what do your facial gestures, clothing, articulation, and posture teach? What lessons are derived from your presence? I ask you and myself these very important questions.

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The Uninspired

Staring at this wretched blank piece of paper


as a woman robbed of

becoming a Mother

Entranced by the artificial purity

Of the virgin page

poetic offspring miscarried

over and over again


I can see the colors of happy

hauntingly hanging

Lynched dreams dripping off the musical mobile

Swirling slow, singing defeat, lyrically infertile


Phantom pain dances in my stomach

butterflies with cleats for wings

Birthing sonnets

of stillborns

Unable to produce the sweet milk of emotion


Poetry needs someone to live for

like I need a muse that’s worth dying for

so impregnate me with your worries and wishes

I welcome your suffering and smiles

paint loves nursery with shattered hearts

write the future a lullaby of battered hope

pacify dormant desires

with the sour taste of shame

title your story with the one word

you want to hear before passing away

Save me from these vacant pieces of paper

these white flags infecting my book with doubt


Let me

Immaculately conceive

through inspiration

Saturate this pen with legacy, these words with life

grant me the blessing

of creation!

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