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Last Day of 2010

It’s about 12:32am on Dec. 31, 2010, today my friends is the last day of 2010.

This year was pretty good, I graduated from Nursing school, am now officially licensed as a RN, got engaged during the summer to a lovely and caring young gentleman, and I’ve been working on different projects to keep busy in other ways such as writing.

Alhamdulillah (thank God) things are looking up, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing but positive thinking has helped me to get through the difficult times 🙂

As the years pass by I remind myself to appreciate everyday. Sometimes its challenging to look at the bright side of things, sometimes its difficult to be hopeful. But I know that having hope is not futile. Hope is a silent prayer that answers itself.

Anyway, in this small moment, in the middle of the night I just want to thank everyone who has read my blog, I appreciate the feedback!

In the spirit of being hopeful Id like to say that I hope we all enter 2011 with a positive attitude, conviction to achieve our goals, patience, and appreciation for the struggle.

Happy New Year!!!



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Life Is On Loan

This life is on loan, build its worth. Invest in yourself. Value every tear, smile, breath, and heartbeat. When it comes time to, prove that one cannot pay in full for what is priceless.

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Setting Standards


Standards aren’t always met with success but setting them in the first place gives you something to struggle for, something to work towards.

I think its important to set standards for ourselves and for the younger generation. This blog entry is for everyone but I especially want to reach out to adults with children.

If we become passive in our parenting we deprive our children of our best efforts and our children become passive members of the family.

The parent-child relationship must be symbiotic (a cooperative relationship, mutual). Do not just give give give to your kids, help them understand they have responsibility towards the family too. Try to have a balance.

Do not prematurely treat your children as though they are self-sufficient, they need to earn that from you (through responsibility and hard work).

If we do not set standards or help our children to create their own standards how will they know what to expect from their self?

Without proper guidance they will look toward the general consensus among their age group and most likely copy that.

Please, help them to prepare for life. Tools wont do the job FOR you, but they will help you do a BETTER job. Teach them that life is not always about easy answers, instant gratification and such. Hard work is still a basic necessity in life.

When we set standards and work towards them it benefits us and those around us. Lets make it a habit.


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First Snow

Powdered pillows of crystals coat the bare branches

snow gently dances outside my window

this beauty is timeless, it beckons

winters jeweled crown falls upon my tongue

cold, fresh

the wind tickles our cheeks

the atmosphere is magical, memorable

“the first snow”, I hear myself say, “is always the best”.



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Nothing to it but to do it


You cannot taste the cake just by reading its recipe.



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Settling Down In Your Own Skin



Trying to “find yourself” through external sources is like a compass asking for directions; it just doesnt make sense.

I suppose we all go through a conformist phase where we dress, act, speak, and basically function like others…perhaps in efforts to find ourself, perhaps just to fit in with others (or a combination of both).

Either way, personally speaking it took me a while to settle down in my own skin. Looking back I can safely say that person (who I use to be during my teens mainly) was an impostor.  It took so much effort to rid myself of the bad habits accumulated during that phase…but Im so very thankful to have found myself again.

In order to navigate your inner self towards the right path you must search for proper INTERNAL routes to explore.

There are external tools that may help but only if you use them to compliment the search from WITHIN.

You can try starting by spending some quality time with your thoughts, the more rowdy and reckless they are the more attention they’ll require at first. That might not be easy but its worth it in the end as long as you take control!!!

Once your thought process is at ease and organized you can confront life better and figure out what else you need to find peace within, I wish you all the best of luck on this journey!


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Lady Of Bloom

She wraps herself in the petals

found scattered upon loves grave

like pink silky stars

piercing a sky

heaven had long forfeited


The dead blooms perfume

adorns her skin with the past

its essence a thorned crown

caging her heart

with every beat pain, inevitable


No need for a tombstone

epigraph’s etched in her soul

stories of regrets worth reliving

the wind lifts the petals from her palms

no need to hold them any longer

for death, my dear, is but arms length away


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