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The Way It Is

Amidst the improperness of the so-called-proper

with crossed legs and rehearsed smiles

lies two hearts

innocent as fear


Amidst the trays of hors d’oeuvres

tea cups and silverware

lies the feast of passion

catered for those who

have an appetite for purity

(few have acquired its taste)


Let us endure these gatherings of hypocrisy

to satisfy their psychological cravings

it will save us the headache of blame


Fret not my dear, these endeavors will bear

the sweetest of fruits

for you and I



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The mind determines what is possible. The heart surpasses it. -Pilar Colinta

I leave this weekend…I will return as a married woman…a wife. I am getting married YAYYY!!!

There was definitely a  time when marriage  held no interest with me, a time when love seemed unnecessary, even overburdening. Alas, the pretty poison has found its way into my system. I hope it finds a home in me and my new family.

After 2 years with my fiancée we will publicly announce the sacred vows I feel were stitched into our beings the moment we met. During these 2 years there have been ups and downs of course…but throughout the passionate ride we found moving forward together is worth the effort.

Ok enough of the sappy stuff, in all seriousness Im pretty excited and kinda scared because this is a VERY important and new stage in life, but overall I’m super happy!

I dont think anyone can really say theyre 100% prepared for things like marriage or having kids but I am happy to say that I feel as though both my fiancée and I are approaching this change with open arms, minds, hearts.


What need have I for bullets or bombs, I carry the armor of unconditional love. Why bother fighting a war, victory already lives in my heart. In the pursuit of peace and harmony I greet everyday, end every night. What need have I for heaven, I’m already in paradise.

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Master Key

Love be that master key

unlocking the souls chastity belt

come, see me

birthing myself new everyday.

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Free Write

I only nurture the needy so come and relish in

Spoiled Milk feeds the bones of closeted skeletons

Bread crumbs lead back to ravenous memories

Mental ills can’t be healed with physical remedies


At ease, breathe, you’re fighting the wrong battle

Military fatigues have fatigued, you’re man-cattle

Im already free so why fight for charity

Evil never breeds good, only disparity


Can’t paint my portrait and neglect the true image

Can’t live in the slums assuming man-made privilege

The struggle lies within, stop seeking it in others

strong is the man who learns as the soul suffers


Weak is the one who lives in the might of fools

Investing in prisons, depriving the schools

They set up traps but the free mind’s in flight

Soldiers of truth never give up the fight!


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Rough Day

Today was a rough day. I slept a lot unfortunately, I really don’t like when I do that because then the day feels wasted, and the rest of it is spent in frustration rushing to complete errands etc. I tried listening to music and that actually made it worse (probably because I tried new music. That stuffs been diluted down to basic crap, for the most part anyway). I tried watching a movie but could not use it as an escape either. Maybe an easy escape is not the solution though.

Today was also a day of dwelling about uncontrollable circumstances, of course that lead to stress. We all have less than normal days…

I’ll end this one with the reminder that the past and the future lies in my imagination, I have only this moment to act upon. The challenging upbringing, the current pressures, and the future worries will not conquer me.

Since I cannot change these things I WILL change my attitude about them!

Alhamdulillah (Thank God) I do have my health and a good head on my shoulders. I may become emotional at times but for the most part I compose myself well. Truly I am blessed and I do appreciate this ❤

May Allah Subhanahu wataala make it easy for me to learn and be properly guided so I may always tread the best path. Ameen.

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