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Inverted Blindess


The self-righteous see everyone’s faults but their own. I call it inverted blindness.

People sometimes like to create unnecessary drama, perhaps to create a spotlight, perhaps because their bored, or just plain ol’ ignorant morons. Either way I have no interest in humoring such things. I encourage this of others too…..Cancel out the drama but without adding fuel to its fire, this is an art acquired through time but well worth the energy 🙂


Don’t let nonsense drain you. Keep an open mind, prioritize your energy, and think positive. Maybe it’ll rub off on those afflicted with inverted blindness and maybe, just maybe they’ll start to see the truth.


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Happy Days

happiest people don’t necessarily

have the best of everything;

they just make
the best of everything they have.


2011 has been a blessed year so far. I hope the blessings increase as time goes by, one thing I’ve come to realize (I knew already but now there’s a deeper understanding) is that the cards one is dealt in life are preordained but how the games played makes all the difference.

I’m starting a new chapter in life. Improvements in certain qualities such as assertiveness are more of a priority now. Adulthood has its challenges but ultimately I’m excited about the prospects. I’ve been pretty passive in the past but my goal is to overcome that!!!!

Anyway these are just general thoughts 🙂 I hope everyone uses this new year to make the best of everything they receive and/or earn in life.

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The more I give to thee, the more I have.


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What need is there for world domination

why taint the innocent and con the nation

who claimed you heavens mandate-creating such hell

when will the people break from the passive mans shell

Don’t want another hero, synthetic Hercules

fake soldiers who belong in infant nurseries

Revolution speaks with the common mans voice

freedom is life and even living is a choice

No instant answer the question lingers on

will peace find a home on this land we walk upon

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