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Leave Me Be

Anxieties building, tilting me over the edge

bombs blasting as sanity slips from the ledge

falling infinitely, my nerves are awry

the newsman smiles saying “we’re all gonna die”

calamities mounting, counting the days

is mother nature trying to abort us or nurture our ways

I cant stop the panic, they cant stop deaths vow

is it real or is there money in “apocalypse now”


Cant slow the heart beats, wont ignore the warnings

but Ill be damned if each moment leads to consecutive mournings

leave me in peace I command, keep your Newsweek on the stand

No one can schedule around Gods ultimate plan

Breathe deep, be happy, live ignorantly

and please don’t take headlines so literally

Captains have responsibility over their crewman

But don’t wait for a storm to remind-you’re just human

(you’re just human relax you’re just human)

(dont fret for we all meet with doom’n)

(you’re human, thats right, just a human)

(enjoy while you can, life’s a bloom’n)







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The Blah Feeling

So lately I’ve been feeling pretty…..blah.  The weather is in its bipolar state. Yesterday was beautiful and warm, today cold and windy. I guess on some level mother nature and I are on the same page.


I’ve been meaning to learn how to do so many things on my own lately, like crochet, play guitar, brush up on my Spanish, and learn Urdu. I do not have the motivation…currently anyways.


I do semi-blame this on how I’ve been conditioned to learn in a “community-setting”….like in a classroom. Having to do this stuff on my own is boring. Maybe it’s also the lack of competition. Le sigh.


Anyways I hope to come back with a little more spring in my step asap. Not liking this lazy mode at all.

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Carnal vs. Conscience



Pop culture’s basically become the glorification of all things immoral/unhealthy/and destructive.

It’s not just that “sex” sells, violence does too….its the tapping into ones carnal self indirectly (TV, Music) that harnesses attention. This will eventually desensitize us to normally unacceptable behavior….its nauseating really, not to mention highly disappointing.

Is it really necessary for us to cross all lines conceivable to be entertained, certainly not. We can see that in the very select few who actually demonstrate talent in todays entertainment world without subjecting themselves and their audience to distasteful material.

I’m all for free speech, don’t get me wrong, but what ever happened to responsibility?

Lets face facts, music is one of the strongest tools to get through to teenagers. Music, movies, stories they all convey messages, who’s responsible for the message exactly….the actor, the writer, the network, or the people sitting watching and subjecting themselves to garbage.

I personally think everyone involved is responsible. I don’t need to hear 500 cusses in a song to think its cool, I don’t need to see models 1/2 naked to think  they’re pretty/fashionable (I actually think modesty is pretty and fashionable), and I don’t need to watch a group of people hump everything in sight to be entertained…………do you? I mean really, do you?

I’m pretty sure a lot of the people involved with the putting out of all this stuff barely take part in subjecting themselves or their loved ones for entertainment.

My point is please be aware of what you are letting into your space, into your thought process. I don’t care if 1 million people watched xyz show last week, I’m not going to make it 1 million and 1 this week. I have better things to do.

Please, in the battle between the carnal and the conscience (concerning entertainment) choose wisely….you’re more impressionable than you’d like to admit.

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Call a Dr.

I’m inclined to think this is the age of complacency

Next generation sitting back like “Lets just wait and see”

So called leaders mistreating us everyday

Excreting nothing but fecal with every word that they say

They taxing us for living and profit when we die

They use cash as religion, sanctifying every dime


We need to wake up, wake up

middle class getting slashed by these pay cuts, pay cuts

Immigrants built this country, don’t omit the labor

Lady liberty’s been needing a hit of defibrillator


I’m shocked its preposterous can’t watch the plot thicken

Time to take action till the ticks of my clocks Quit’n

We resurrect like the phoenix when it burns

Karmas automatic every season has its turn

Dont be the meat upon which the rats dine

America stand up, before We flat-line



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Woman and Mother


Juggling individuality and loyalty/responsibility to other social roles, including being a mother, is one of the hardest tests a woman can go through in life. But somehow we do it, everyday!

In sociology I learned about role conflict which has to do with contradictory requirements involving different roles one plays in life…..(for example: Being a wife, you want to have the house orderly and dinner ready at the end of the day, but as an employee you want to put in the extra long hours to get a raise or recognition at work, you cannot manage both and there comes the conflict). It’s either one, or the other.

I’ve seen role conflict (and role strain which is different) in many women. I’m sure you’ve even seen overworked moms on emergency make-over shows crying for help. They all seem to say the same thing “I don’t have any energy or time for myself”.

It’s not an easy job but balancing these different roles is totally do-able 🙂 For me personally I am committed to finding the best way to exercise my individuality so it actually COMPLIMENTS (not conflicts) with other roles in life. Scheduling some alone time is one way of starting.

Being a mother is a blessing, so is being a woman. When the kids go off to college and create their own families I’ll then become a grandma etc. These are roles that as a WOMAN, first and foremost, I perform in life.

I need to be able to take care of myself and not forget who I am, my identity. My children can better appreciate me as a whole this way, they can better see me for who I am. When they grow to become adults they can exercise this strength too.

Balance people, it’s a simple concept but it’s easily forgotten too.

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If only OUR forefathers caught a glimpse of these folks demolishing what OUR country, great America, was built upon. Its incompressible what was said there that day (and unjustifiable). I fear for the children who were victim to such disgraceful and distasteful speech (whether with the shouters or those being shouted at).

“Go back home” they shout, as though any one person can truly claim any one land as their own. This Earth is a temporary place for us. America of all countries, has flourished from different ethnicities legally and justifiably creating and nurturing a home here.

If folks come to America in the way WE prescribed (laws), and they contribute to the betterment of America…then why would any TRUE American find fault in that? Think about it.

They should have shouted “WELCOME HOME”.

I repeat…

They should have shouted “WELCOME HOME”.


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