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In a World of Imperfections

She placed the hand mirror down with gentle ease

Scar burning fresh, no healing kiss could appease

“Still beautiful” she whispered aloud

Her mantra whenever left in a crowd

Since the crash her life had sure changed

Those who were close suddenly were estranged

But strength found its way to her heart

Those who really  loved her never grew apart

Its easy to take for granted

all the gifts and blessings we’ve been graciously handed

“Still beautiful” she says to affirm

that no scar can claim what she’s come to have learned

Beauty lies not in features or frame

it lives in the good and the peace we sustain

She picked up the mirror, looked back at its face

“Still beautiful” she said and smiled with grace


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April Showers

The rain is gently falling outside, I find night rainfall to be quite romantic and soothing . It tends to put me in a reminiscent kind of mood…..

The first quarter of 2011 has proven to be productive. Progression is the key word to describe it. Im looking forward to the summer, I intend to take advantage of New Yorks many activities. Hopefully this weekend I will visit the BK botanical gardens and share the pics. Cherry Blossoms are flooding the grounds there currently, it must look beautiful.

It’s important to take a break from the concrete and brick which surrounds us in the city. Sitting here now, though in my apartment I can relax and admire nature with its light tapping rain drops upon my window. Im thankful for this moment and I look forward to future ones too ❤

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Confronting The Pain

Sometimes the pain of tending a wound is greater than the force which created it.

We cannot avoid the healing process just because it hurts. Through moments of weakness we learn of strength. Whether the pain lies in our minds or in the physical we must confront it, not perpetuate it, not prolong it, but acknowledge it and conquer it.


I was watching a show today and to my surprise there was a famous treo (Mom and 2 daughters) on the show, they all confessed to have been sexually abused in their childhood. Each female had been abused by a male relative and each shared the information in different times of their lives.


It was sad to see how conflicted they were but it was also courageous for them to share it with the world. I later learned theres been a lot of reports of sexual abuse amongst men in the military. How disturbing. No one on this Earth would wish to experience abuse in any form.

Keeping pain and mental anguish inside is detrimental to health. You dont have to scream it from the rooftops but dont seal up your frustrations, find a positive way to confront it and conquer whatever it is.

On another note we all have to be very careful, better safe than sorry, these stories are all too common and we have to be more cautious of who we keep as company and who we surround our kids with.

Stay strong!

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