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I cant fix this

I keep breaking myself

trying to fix this.


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In life I’ve come to find out that generally

there are two types of folk, they may be hard to distinguish

at first….but once you are in tune with yourself, the true you,

it becomes easier to figure out the others.


See, there are people who want to heal you, they want to see you excel

they want to share good advice, they want to promote your potential

perhaps because they see it shining from within you, or maybe

they’re just in a good place in life and want to share joy

either way, to heal is their mission.


Then you have folks who want to hurt you.

It might be subconscious, they might not understand how they’re effecting you at the moment

but they put you down, they doubt your dreams, and laugh at the hope you have for betterment

they’re veiled perhaps by their own impediments in life at the moment

or maybe they’re not good company point-blank

either way these folks want to hurt you, maybe not in the physical sense but you get what I’m trying to say.


We’re human beings, and we are emotional creatures, so there may be some fluctuation in the heal-hurt categories. As a matter of fact someone in 1 category may change for the better or worse and become a member of the other.

Thats why I said you have to be in tune with YOURSELF first and foremost. Dont depend on others for your happiness, don’t seek recognition outside. If you don’t try to understand who you are in this world youre going to have a more difficult life. You have to filter the good from the bad, so you need to know which is which FOR YOU, & why.

Just wanted to put that out there folks, think about who is in your life, family, friends, acquaintances, online buddies WHATEVER. Step out of the relationship and analyze how these people effect you and your future goals for betterment, do they break you down or try to build you up constructively? Do they heal or hurt you?

Hope this helps!

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As Women

we are dependable

          but not indestructible

be grateful for our loyalty

don’t ever forsake our devotion

                                  Refrain from underestimating our potential

A womans love is divine

her tears, Prophetic

her touch, curative

her warmth, all-encompassing

her wrath, all-encompassing

her forgiveness, salvaging

her self-sacrifice, inspiring

I say

as Women

we are strong

          but still human

accept your faults

realize your power and roar

realize your beauty and shine

realize you are worthy and own it

Own this moment, in this skin, in this world

take refuge in the fact

you’re a Woman, respect this privilege Sister

expect the best from yourself, for yourself

first and foremost

Mother of life, nurturer, natural, warrior

Model that jeweled crown of puissance

and make sure to always deserve it!

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I keep finding hollow cocoons at my feet

but where are my wings?

Could they not bear these gluttonous worries

weighing me down

sorrows feasting on starved thoughts, sucking me bone dry

where are my wings?

Have they flown off without me

how do I find them in the open sky,

when I cant lift my head high enough to see the horizon

How do I extinguish the Icarus in me without drowning in the flames of failure

So many weaknesses to derive strength from

so many strengths have become weaknesses

when did peace become a beautiful illusion, holographic

where are my wings?

where are my wings?

What colors are they, how far do they stretch, have they withered without me

have I withered without them

Will I ever fly….

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