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Watching the cracked Earth, dried rubble

searching for beauty in its brokenness

too subtle

Construct on fractured foundation

can love stand with sore feet and crooked legs


Build from within not from atop

plant roots deeper than the oceans combined

never stop

The sun still shines with much promise

This palace of miracles is ours

live in solace

not on but in


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R.I.P Alaska <3

Found out today my dog of 14 yrs passed earlier this month, R.I.P Alaska. Im feeling a mix of agony, sadness, anger, and relief. The relief is in regards to her not having to suffer age related health problems anymore, and all the sadness is….well just natural to feel because she was a great companion and I am thankful to have shared a good chunk of my life with her as my buddy.

I’ll never forget her, I’ll always miss her and love her ❤ Respect animals my dear readers, they are special creatures that deserve consideration and care.

Its a tremendous responsibility and privilege to have a companion pet.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.
-Dr. Seuss

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Witness to Humanity

Today was pretty emotional. Some very sad and unfortunate news concerning a young 8-year-old boy (Leiby Kletzky) has shocked all, especially New Yorker’s since the boy was from Brooklyn. He was walking from summer camp to meet his family who was waiting just a few blocks away. This was his first time exploring the independence of walking on his own, however he got lost, the man he asked directions from ended up being his murderer.

In broad daylight, street surveillance cameras running, in what most people consider a safe neighborhood this young boy became the victim of horrendous violence.

Its sick and so saddening. May the young boy Rest In Peace and I pray for justice for him and his family. Truly a most tragic event.


I cant help but hurt in my heart, I am soon to bring a baby boy into this world Insha’Allah (God willing). I’ve always pondered about this honor and the risks involved. There are so many things that can go wrong, so many worries, so many evils that I almost shudder at the thought of exposing a life to it……one must also consider the good, as subtle as it seems, I know there’s good in this world. I pray and will work my hardest to bring a good person into this world, one who will contribute to the progress and betterment of good Insha’Allah (God willing).

I’ve been listening to lectures for years now concerning Islamic topics and such. One lecturer I tend to listen to is Brother Nouman Ali Khan. Today I listened to his lecture on YouTube titled “Responsibility of Being Witness to Humanity” in which he speaks about Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow). If you have the time and an open mind, please watch it.

I took away a few points from this lecture but one that really resonated with me was his saying that as Muslims we are witnesses to humanity (starting at 17:35) meaning we have been given knowledge and with that we must take appropriate action to implement that knowledge in order to better humanity, so that on judgement day we may act as a witness to wrong doings and we can proclaim how we put forth efforts to teach against such things….opposed to US doing wrong and someone else acting as a witness against US.

EXAMPLE: If someone tells you “Hey let’s go steal some beer from the store” your job (as a practicing Muslim) is to say “No” and not only that but to inform the person about the consequences involved. So now if that person says “Yea ok whatever I’m gonna go do this anyway” on judgement day YOU will play witness to their wrong doing, you can say “I refused to partake in this wrongdoing and I warned this person against such an act as well). Basically you did your job as an active and knowledgeable Muslim.
Now this isn’t about tattle telling or having a “holier than thou” perspective, it’s about Muslims having the belief that we hold a responsibility towards our fellow humans, we need to not only practice Islam ourselves but implement it to spread betterment for all. If there’s a problem and I hold the solution I should share it, right? If I don’t try to help solve the problem essentially Im contributing to it.

Take time to digest this info please. In a world filled with a lot of good and bad try to see the good in yourself first and then share it, don’t just focus on the negatives of this world. Invest in the progress of our future.


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