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Hurricane Irene

NYC will  have to endure the wrath of Hurricane Irene tomorrow, just half an hour left until its Saturday August 28, 2011. I’m slightly intimidated, a little exited, but generally I just want this to pass already.

The days been calm, muggy, rainy. The markets were busy with people but not as much as on Friday when the first announcements of Irenes severity hit the city. Now I’m just sitting at my laptop wondering what to do. I put water away in the fridge, washed all the fruits and vegetables just in case the water gets contaminated. Wishing we got some C batteries for the radio though *sigh*.

Thank goodness we’re not in an evacuation zone, however one cannot predict just how the storm is going to effect us here. The MTA has been shut down since noon and it wont be working tomorrow, Mayor Bloomberg actually stated that depending on how bad Irene hits the MTA may not be back in effect till after Monday.

I kinda feel like my generation was born into one great storm. We’ve had to deal with so much being a part of the net-generation I feel like we’re alone in a sense…..anyways, I’m going to try and take some pictures before Irene this the neighborhood, lets hope the after pics aren’t devastating.

Best of luck to us all ❤


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Global Crisis

Open ya eyes the worlds up in flames

London/Syria/Egypt/ Spain

Masses collab against political gain

In a drought but Im a shout revolution shall reign

Punish looters but you pump consumerism

Dish the minimum, slave labor in the prison

This an uprising-change on the horizon

Generations elevating-see it in our eyes and

Can’t deny’s been a long time come’n

Corrupt authorities target’n the colored youngins

Run’n in place in this race of the ravenous

Leaders listen but only After the hAvoc hits

Global crisis-now the poor’s waging war

Separately we whisper but together we roar

Time to soar, grab your swords of awareness

Its our world now use your life to declare this!

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