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The Flame

I played with fire, as a youth

held its flame in the palm of my plump hand

wanting to feel something, anything, besides the burn of not belonging

I lit ablaze the love letters written from myself to myself

bathed in the ashes and stared at my soot covered dreams


there came a time when the fire took the form of a torch

carrying it proud, cremating the Icarus within me

incinerating the doubts and self destructive habits

enlightened and invigorated, I burned brighter than ever


I light your candle with the very flame

that once almost consumed me

 I watch you flicker in the wind

your shadow dancing on the walls of my heart

I feel the warmth of your energy, see you glow graciously

like a precious tear rising from the eye of a candle, your flame burns beautifully

I cant help but love it

I cant help but love you

life thrives in your presence

shine on, dear son, shine on

and the path before you shall appear.


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I saw an Angel walk barefoot across a bed of hot coals

a test of strength to the spirit and soles

“why such self-sacrifice” I asked second guessing,

“to remind myself why these wings are a blessing”.


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Tried flying with the wings on your back

but I

couldn’t taste freedom when I kissed the sky


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