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Let love usher you in

let strength push the storm clouds afar

let patience pull forth the bloom

let inspiration surround us with success

let honor keep us protected

let authenticity preserve our character

let peace make our mind and heart its home

let knowledge seek and find us

let poetry write itself on our skin

let beauty be what we are

let the world be better because of us

and when my hourglass has reached its limit

Let love usher me out


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Do not let people dissuade you. if you have a dream believe in it, others may not, but your dream coming true is not dependent on the belief of others…however, if you lose belief or faith in your own dream/s then what chance for survival have they?

Some may look at you and your endeavors through the eyes of doubt, they may think you are overly ambitious….its your job to prove them wrong, show them you’re not overly ambitious, YOU ARE DRIVEN.

Challenge yourself daily in a productive manner, whether you win or lose in that challenge you’ll come out being a little more experienced and therefore strengthened just for trying.

The sun may not be visible in the midst of a  stormy sky, nevertheless it shines. You may not hear the birds singing through the noise of city traffic, nevertheless they are singing.  

Have faith in yourself, be persistent, be resilient. Hear the criticisms of others but only listen to your heart….at the end of the day that’s the message you’ll have to live with anyways.

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