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Over one year has passed since I have written under the Love category here on my blog. I had not noticed how I neglected this area of my life for so long. Well I stand here in my kitchen with my almost 4 month old son in his swing, sleeping peacefully, a precious boy he is. My husband is working hard on Wall St. When he arrives the house feels complete and becomes our home.

To be honest however, it has not always been blissful. This first year of marriage was very challenging in a lot of different ways, but I can say today that all the struggles have been worth it and I look forward to adding onto the years. See, my husband and I come from opposite backgrounds, and even if you are friends with your partner for years before getting married that does not change the fact that after marriage things change, whether subconsciously or not, they just do.


Just came back from 15 minutes of play with my baby boy who woke from his nap 🙂 Anyways, its nice to come back here and be able to say with genuine emotion that I am happy to be a married woman and a mother ❤ I’ll try to pay more attention to this category too 😉


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Some times we cater to some ones feelings, and they just seem to always crush yours.

In love, things do seem brighter happier. In loneliness things do seem bleak, nights never-ending.

Marriage is about partnership, not puppetry.  It’s about choosing silence over screaming, thinking before using words to hurt.

If you are blessed with a companion do not take them for granted. Every one has their quirks. Relationships test us. If one person gives up there’s a fighting chance, when both give up you have a disaster.

I come from a broken home (biological father absent for most part), and I never want to put my children through much of what I endured.

Life is not easy, sharing one with others makes it more challenging at times but that sharing of experiences and such should also be a blessing that we appreciate. When we take the other person for granted, when we overlook their positives and focus on their flaws without attempting to help or support, we sabotage the relationship.

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