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Life is more than skipping through

a meadow of pretty flowers.

Sometimes you have to stop and appreciate the thunder claps and heavy rain

which made that Eden-like piece of Earth

bloom in the first place.

Sometimes struggle tastes sweeter than success

adversity breeds true aspiration

See, dreams appeal to us because

we paint them possible

but without the frame of reality

they have nothing to hang onto.

Sometimes the pain of heartache

feels purer than the so-called-love

that once fueled it

Sometimes an expensive disease

reminds us how priceless existence really is

Life is more than hero vs. villain

because sometimes one is the other

and their battle leaves death the only victor

Sometimes life is more than we could ever imagine it to be

 and yet what we imagine makes life more than it is.


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Won’t Write

I can not write down a poem for you

Theres no way to transcribe how my heart’s built a bridge

to my eyes, so that it can be closer to your image

No, you can’t possibly feel that emotional electricity

through a poem

Id have to breathe this feeling into you

CPR loves essence into your doubts and revive your

belief in soul mates, ever-afters…us

I’d have to walk with you across the hot coals of passion

Yes, we’d have to suffer this sensuality together

Don’t ask me to write you a verse

Its like asking an angel to draw paradise,

how could one ever capture that magnitude of magnificence?

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Jessica (RIP)

I miss you, I thought about you today (I usually do anyways), today I remembered when you ran away from your home to my house and you had like 20 fake Coach belts in a bunch of different colors lol. We were so shallow, but in our naivety there was genuine innocence.

There are times I feel you were not given a fair chance in life. You were convinced of not being particularly talented in any certain area, but you were mistaken. You were born special and beautiful but alas, you were blind to those qualities. I only hope that if there is a heaven you are there now and fully aware of how blessed you were.

I realize how blessed I was to have you in my life, my best friend for so many years. SO many ups and downs, but an everlasting friendship was made through those struggles and if there is anything I know for sure it’s that I love and miss you.

Till we meet again ❤

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Milk bags-Jugs-Puppies-Knockers

Cans-Hooters-Fun Bags-Floppers

these terms were made to demean and belittle

forsaking the sustenance that flows from the nipple

Milk made for man to thrive and survive

this current controversy is completely contrived

We break bonds when we boast bottles

punish mothers yet praise playboy models

It’s the sexualization, the condemnation

just another cage for Womens rights to be placed in

Breastfeeding is a power, a privilege

a connection with the blessing of life we’ve been given

There’s no shame in nurturing naturally

Upset onlookers can look away actually

a Womans body should not be publicly governized

Breastfeeding’s beautiful! Let no one tell you otherwise.

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