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Rib Cage

Teeth be the mouths rib cage
Words pulsating, your message be the heart
All the world’s a rigged stage
Can’t tell saints or sinners a part.


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Plugged in the electrical umbilical cord

staring into the Iris of a glowing screen

Connected by links…

dot-coms, networks, apps; creating phantom DNA

we share a common digital consciousness

and it’s stream is ceaseless.

As I enter domains I exit the physical,

a sort of artificial ascension

building shrines of myself

awaiting worshipers.

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Mirages of Reality

When we subscribe to social labels we limit ourselves. Our vision gets obstructed by these man-made-mirages of reality and we restrict our view/s as a result.

So many of us had situations in high school, for example, where our reputation became tainted. Perhaps you lost a fight or someone spread a false rumor about you. I’m sure you felt as though the world had ended and you did not want to return to school. But we all had to go back, and we eventually moved on to live another day! The perception people had of you may or may not have changed but life went on, you survived!

Things like culture and tradition have their benefits, but I feel like they also delude people. We become afraid to step outside of the box, we create standards and try to force/convince everyone else into following them. So many movies in India focus on love vs. arranged marriages, and so many real life stories have fallen victim to such. We only complicate life when we try to control natural processes.

Ultimately what I am trying to say is, don’t get so wrapped up in these man-made-mirages of reality. Don’t obsess over the image you portray and forget to work on the art of living.

Its not fair to hold yourself or anyone else up to impossible standards!

Have a positive outlook on life and as Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet “To thine own self be true”.

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I am thoroughly tired of trying to seek friendship from an individual who considers me a “pest”

I ask for a fraction of your time only to end up disappointed because even this small of a request seems too much to ask of you.

Your message has been relayed.

I learned my lesson.

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I have decided to take these next 5 days to contemplate personal improvements I would like to incorporate into my daily life. My classes are done for now so I might as well balance out the book smarts with some spiritual/emotional knowledge.

I have been feeling really unsatisfied with myself. I’ve been eating chocolate and junk in big amounts. I can blame my family for buying the junk (I wont eat it unless its available in the house), but really I cant stop them from buying stuff, I need to stop myself from extreme behavior and giving in.

The first thing I’d like to work on is delaying gratification. I think that especially now more than ever, society is riddled with the emotional need for instant gratification. We want to see or learn something *poof* its one click away, we want to eat a snack *poof* pop it in the microwave and you’ve got it in seconds. The convenience of having just about everything one desires at hand can be disadvantageous.

With children we make sure to instill the virtue of patience. We teach kids to eat their meal first before having dessert, we teach them to not snack on certain foods because it will spoil their appetite. We need to implement this kind of “high delayer” type behavior into our own lives.

I don’t want to spoil my appetite for life. I want to appreciate that which I’ve been given, and that which I have earned. I’d like more will power, self-control, self-discipline, etc. so that I do not become a slave to my impulses (that battle can be lifelong).

Quality 1/5: Delayed Gratification. This mission is now in effect!

I definitely encourage you to do something similar that suits your life!

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Eventually living largely carefree becomes disadvantageous

Now at a point where I have to step up

I find myself disorganized at thought, and unsure at heart

but no longer am I willing to just “go with the flow”

That passive attitude does not serve to teach one about

true strength, it does not facilitate productivity

I still live by the winds whisper

am still carried by its energy, but now I’ve adjusted my sails

I must harness that invisible force. Its the only way to move forward

on the waters of life

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