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NY, divided

here is a link to the post I read just a few minutes ago that inspired this very blog post….


“Brooklyn ‘has more writers per square inch than almost anywhere else in the country,’ Borough President Marty Markowitz likes to say; 30% of the borough’s third- graders cannot read at grade level.”

Wow, at the above quote….wow.

I am born and raised in New York City. Specifically, I was born in Queens, raised in the South Bronx, worked in Manhattan (for years), and went to college in Brooklyn, but I’ve only visited Staten Island a few times.

Its hard to really describe how it feels to take a train ride to swanky parts of the city, work, and then head back to the slums at the end of the day.

Its also hard to explain why my schools were basically 98-99% Black and Hispanic and how white kids would usually get bullied for being the odd ones out. Its even harder to describe how white people in general were either pure saints or extreme sinners in the eyes of ghetto children because they were in our neighborhood either as teachers, social, workers, cops, or they were buying drugs, soliciting prostitutes or something else horrible.

I know its a harsh reality, hey I lived it, but I just want to say that Im glad that post was written about Brooklyn because its something thats all too familiar to New York in general and everyone needs to wake up. Its disturbing to have one neighborhood going through an endless epidemic of killings and violence and then to have another neighborhood close in proximity to be generally safe, no violent occurrences having happened in years upon years.

Who is to blame? Everyone has to take responsibility, people in the ghetto need a positive revolution, and so much more. Im definitely going to reflect more on this but I just wanted to speak about my own experience and share the post with you all.

Wonder if any fellow New Yorkers feel the same….


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Sorrow is a fruit. God does not make it grow on limbs too weak to bear it.

-Victor Hugo

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