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The Right Time

When is it the “right time” for anything? Is there really a better time to tell someone something, will it ultimately make a difference in the grand scheme of things, perhaps…


but maybe that waiting only taints the words you wish to say, maybe they age into something less authentic during that verbal purgatory and whats left when you finally speak is some form a lie because the truth had a passion in it….

Do you wait to say I love you, or say it when you feel compelled to do so, are words said in the intoxication of the moment any less or more pure than when said in the “right time”

I can’t tell, I guess the easiest answer is that it depends on the situation, the people involved, the message….



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Some days I feel filled with energy, but other days (especially in the winter) I feel as though I have little energy and even going to lie down and read a book seems too much. But I dont have the luxury of laziness most days, who will tend to the little one or run the house. 

Maybe its a lack of vitamin D, anemia, or maybe a deficiency of inspiration, a lack of will. Either way days like this I think to myself “this too shall pass” hoping tomorrow will prove more productive. 

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City without slumber filled with lost dreams
Lady liberty hiding the rips at her seams
Resorts for the rich refugee camps for the rest
From the same family tree, only differ by nest

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