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The Greatest Planner

When you fixate on YOUR version of fate you forsake chance happenings.  YOUR minds eye has a restricted field of vision, you cannot foresee the future.

The brain isn’t a crystal ball.

Allow for spontaneity and be ready to accept the unexpected. You can’t plan every minor detail of your life, consider that a good and healthy thing, embrace the unpredictability.


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Pulled in Different Directions

Sometimes I feel as though I am being pulled in so many different directions. My career life should have been a lot more prosperous and eventful, that leads me to wondering if I should change the career path Ive chosen. I want to work on my personal life, settling down kid wise so that I can divide my time towards other things that will help to not only secure our future financially but help to create a legacy insha’Allah.

I have big plans but hardly any direction, I have clear visions but they flutter about like wild butterflies as I’m left chasing them with a shredded net.

I want to be able to know whats going to work for me and my family, create a plan that I will stick with and see results soon insha’Allah (God willing) but I know first I have to organize my thoughts and the way I conduct my days. Im confident that I have potential and that I can contribute greatness to anything I set my heart on but I want to do it the right way and know that I am not wasting time or energy.

I guess most people feel similarly at some point in their lives, just trying to figure out their place in this world, trying to find what’ll “fit” and temporarily fill the void within….


time will tell and I know Allah (swt) is the greatest of all planners, I have faith life will begin to make more sense sooner than later insha’Allah, I have to do my part, I have to FOCUS.

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