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My past has a DNR

I only live for today

Since the future’s uninsured

our only hope is to pray

so if my heart skips a beat

omit chest compressions

instead kneel and ask God accepts still confessions.




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Relapse Haiku

Our last meeting
sobering, to you I am
just anonymous

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Unseasonably Loving

His love is a butterfly in Winter

hopelessly beautiful

fluttering a-midst the drifting snow;

like a floating flame in this Arctic,

Searching for sustenance, searching in vain.

Frigid air envelopes his wings in crystal

Softly falling like a leaf to the ground,

unseasonably loving.

If only I wasn’t so cold.











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Make No Mistake

This body is not my possession, yet 

I am possessed. A mirror held up to heavens lantern 

bright without burning.This heart

is eternity encapsulated…

my love; small doses of it’s vastness.

Each day bursts into flame 

like a matchstick gripped by the beloved, we

are the smoke from that fire, intangible

evidence of the divine.

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Nature Haiku

Moonlight kisses lake

ripples glistening, we watch

under natures spell

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Selfish, Not Star Crossed

Is it ok if I confess my selfishness tonight…the vain

intentions of my shallow heart

yes I wanted you to love me, but only to prove

I could

because its easy, its easy to force the lonely

into worshiping your shadow, its easy

to make the loveless build a shrine of you

behind their eyelids so

they’ll see you with eyes closed

and search for you with eyes open

but either way, either way…the truth is

they’re blind.

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