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Im not sure where to begin. There’s only a few days left to the 2012 year but these few days have been disheartening for me. There has been so much bad news lately…violence beyond comprehension, things that just make you sigh with a slight sense of hopelessness. I generally try not to expose myself to the news because its mainly sensationalism of all negative/bad things happening out in the world but some news you just cant seem to avoid. Its hard to accept the fact that they happen, I often wonder where was I, what was I doing while these horrific things were happening? Does it even matter?

I guess all we can do is try our best to do good out there, try to somehow balance the bad with our own positive deeds. I don’t have much else to say, I just hope 2013 is a better year for the world. I hope everyone celebrates the new year in a safe and positive way ❤


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The Mayan Melody

A lot of folks are bringing up this Mayan belief that the world’s gonna end tomorrow. I don’t have the luxury of nonsensical thinking to go along with it all, maybe when I was younger but now I am a mother, a wife. I can’t afford to waste time on a theory created by a failed civilization, (no disrespect to them). Perhaps we take it all too literally, perhaps there will be a turn in events that effects us all and the way we function here on Earth. Who knows. All I know is that as I get older things seem to get worse. The tragedy that recently occurred in the Connecticut elementary school has me on a bit of a low note. My prayers and condolences to the families effected by that massacre.

The world may end, sooner or later, but we knew that at least our world, the one we make up in our head (our life-world) will definitely end one day. I dont mean to be morbid its just the reality of life.

Time is an asset we’re given with life, our liability lies in investing it right. Dont waste time on silly theories, trends and stuff that we’ll all forget about in a week. Spend quality time with your loved ones folks! 


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