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So today I went to the American Museum of Natural History for the hundredth time (not literally but you know what I mean). I took my 14 month old son who especially loved the mammal section. This blog post isn’t about how much fun I had or how much I learned however, rather its a bit of a complaint regarding the Islamic sections depiction of “Women in Islam”.

natural history Islam women

I was underwhelmed and frustrated to find about 3-4 garments (one being a Burqa like what the Taliban forced women to wear in Afghanistan) on display. That’s about it, that’s what people see under “Women in Islam” in this exhibit. Lets be honest, if we put a Poodle skirt, Bell bottom pants, and a shoulder-pad happy blouse up in an exhibit and title it “Women of America” would that really be informative or insightful to our struggle and progress in this country? Of course not.

In that same way I did not find the Museums exhibit to be fair in its representation of Women in Islam, there’s so much more to Muslim Women, so much rich history to be shared, so many historical Women who have incredible stories….basically the exhibit is lacking and personally I find it a little insulting so I felt compelled to write about it.

If you wish to learn a little about the first Woman of Islam (Khadijah) then check out the link below 🙂



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sometimes the pain throbs

so deep, that my pulse sounds like

a cry for mercy.

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